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Great News! March 2023 

Councilmember Strauss pushes the Mayor and SDOT to finish the Burke-Gilman Trail on Leary Avenue and Market Street! The Ballard Coalition has won every court case and all appeals!

See the latest news coverage here

Read the Councilmember's Letter to the Mayor

Ballard Cycle Track

Leary Ave NW & NW Market Street

The Missing-Link Solution

Completing the Missing-link through Ballard requires a 21st Century solution: A cycle-track pilot project. Solving the problem only requires moving the trail a couple of blocks from the currently proposed location. The cycle track route starts near the Fred Meyer in Ballard by turning north onto 8th Ave NW and then immediately turning northwest onto NW Leary Way where it will continue until it reaches NW Market St., where it will go west until it reconnects with the existing Burke-Gilman trail at the Locks. This route, compared to the City's proposal, provides connections to major biking "arterials", 8th Ave NW and 24th Ave NW, and can be part of an area-wide system of bike routes and neighborhood greenways.

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