coalition members

Here is a representative list of Unions, businesses and organizations who support the Leary/Market Cycle Track:

M. L. King County Labor Council, AFL-CIO (Support Letter)
**Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Company

Seattle Building & Construction Trades Council

**CSR Marine, Inc. (Support Letter)

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 302 (Support Letter)

Ballard Marine Services, Inc.

General Teamsters Union Local 174 (Support Letter)

Teamsters Local Union No. 74

Teamsters Local Union No. 763

Teamsters Local Union No. 117

Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28

**Hill Machine Headworks, Inc.

**Hatton Marine and Industrial Repair, Inc.

International Association of Machinists District Lodge No. 160 (Support Letter)

**Alaska Ship Supply 

Northwest Marine Trade Association

Pacific Fishermen Shipyard

**Canvas Supply Company

**Nebar Hose & Fittings, LLC

**Prevolve Inc.

**Sterling Marine Services LLC

Lunde Marine Electronics, Inc.

PFI Marine Electric (Support Letter)

Ballard Transfer Company of Washington 

**AMC-Cliffv's Marine LLC

**Kam Gear

**Beacon Automotive

**Wilson Bros Automotive

**Rathburn Automotive

Ballard Terminal Railroad Company, L.L.C.

**Onshore Yacht Refinishing, Inc.

**Northern Marine Industries, Inc

**Lake Union Boat Repair

**Mazzarella I, LLC

**Mac's Upholstery

**Bridge Storage, Inc.

**Covich Williams Co.

**The Shilshole Marina Coalition (located at Ballard Mill Marina)

*Kolstrand Machine Equipment 

* Ballard Mini Storage

*Ballard Sheet Metal


*Bad Albert's Tap & Grill

*Broomfield's Welding & Metal Fabrication, Inc.

*Ballard Loft Restaurant

*Little Tin Goods and Apothecary Cabinet

** Denotes businesses located on Shilshole

*  Denotes businesses located on Ballard Ave