Leary and Market! A safer trail for everyone!


We are asking Mayor Durkan and Seattle City Council to complete the Burke-Gilman on Market and Leary because it is safer and less expensive than the Shilshole Ave route. Support our cyclists and our working families!

Please feel free to copy and paste this email message below and then send to Seattle City Council Members (email links provided below):


Subject: Leary & Market! A safer completion of the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Dear Mayor Jenny Durkan and Seattle City Councilmembers,

I am writing to urge you to complete the Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman trail using a protected bike facility along Leary Avenue and NW Market Street instead of on Shilshole Avenue.

The Leary and Market route is:

* Safer than Shilshole because bikes and trucks do not mix—someone will get hurt or killed in that location.

* Less expensive—why is the City spending $31 Million to build a recreational trail along Shilshole when it could build protected bike lanes on Leary and Market for less than $2 Million?

* Better for Seattle because it will retain Union and family-wage jobs that provide living wages to blue-collar workers.

* Will not be delayed until 2025 while SPU builds the CSO project under the City’s consent decree with the US EPA.

Please build a transportation facility in a location that is a win-win for ALL of Seattle.



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Mayor's Office:

Mayor Jenny Durkan 


Senior Deputy Mayor 

Michael Fong - Senior Deputy Mayor 


Council Member Email Addresses: 


District 1 

Lisa Herbold 


District 2 

Tammy Morales 


District 3 

Kshama Sawant 


District 4 

Alex Pedersen 


District 5 

Debora Juarez 


District 6 

Dan Strauss 


District 7 

Andrew J. Lewis 


Position 8/ Citywide 

Teresa Mosqueda 


Position 9/ Council President 

Lorena Gonzalez