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Ballard Coalition Will Continue its Efforts to Protect and Preserve Working-Class Ballard


“We are deeply disappointed and disagree with the City of Seattle Hearing Examiner’s decision holding SDOT’s deeply flawed EIS to be adequate,” said Paul Nerdrum, Vice President of Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Company, which is a member of a broad coalition of labor, business and industry groups appealing the City’s decision to build a recreational trail through the heart of working-class Ballard.  “We believe SDOT’s consultant’s report saying the Missing Link will put existing businesses out of business alone should have been enough to warrant further review and relocation of this unsafe recreational trail,” continued Nerdrum.


“In light of today’s decision, the Coalition will exercise and pursue all of its options, political and legal, including continuing to work with the new Mayor and her administration to find a compromise solution that works for all of Seattle, not just a handful of cyclists,” said Josh Brower, one of the lawyers representing the Coalition. “The Coalition is very committed to resolving this issue short of further protracted litigation but will take all necessary steps to preserve its legal rights and remedies,” continued Brower.


The Coalition remains strong and committed to continue working with the truly progressive members of the City Council who are dedicated to protecting and preserving union- and family-wage jobs in Seattle instead of pandering to a handful of recreational cyclists.  The Ballard Coalition includes the Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council, AFL-CIO, comprised of over 150 unions representing more than 100,000 members, General Teamsters Local 174, The Sailor’s Union of the Pacific, The Northwest Marine Trade Association, Ballard Interbay Northend Manufacturing & Industrial Center (BINMIC), The North Seattle Industrial Association (NSIA), The Seattle Marine Business Coalition (SMBC),  Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Company, CSR Marine, and The Ballard Terminal Railroad.




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